voyager 1 facts

Aug. 20, 2013. Voyager 1 is a space probe that was launched by NASA on September 5, 1977. # 2. Part of the Voyager program to study the outer Solar System, Voyager 1 was launched 16 days after its twin, Voyager 2.Having operated for 42 years, 8 months and 15 days as of May 21, 2020, the spacecraft still communicates with the Deep Space Network to receive routine commands and to transmit data to Earth. Voyager 1 is a spacecraft used by NASA to explore Jupiter and Saturn.It is identical in form to its sister ship, Voyager 2.It was actually sent to study the outer planets of the Solar System, but is now in an extended mission.. Voyager 1 is now out of the Solar System. The Voyager Program will come to an end one day, where both Voyager 1 & 2 will stop functioning, however it looks like that this will not happen for a long time. Voyager 1, despite its no.1 ranking, was launched second on September 5 1977. Rechristened the Voyager Interstellar Mission (VIM) by NASA in 1989 after its encounter with Neptune, Voyager 2 continues operations, taking measurements of the interplanetary magnetic field, plasma, and charged particle environment while searching for the heliopause.

Voyager 1 moves at a speed of 11 miles per second.

5. Voyager 1 Has Been Traveling for 35 Years Launched in 1977, September 5 will mark the 36th anniversary of Voyager 1's launch. NASA Voyager 1: Facts About the Only Spacecraft to Leave Solar System on Anniversary of Launch. Voyager 2 arrived about four months later in July 1979. Artist impression of Voyager 1. That makes it one of the oldest pieces of space technology that is still in contact with Earth.

Voyager 2 also took pictures of Uranus and Neptune. Voyager 2 moves at a speed of 9.5 miles per second. Cosmic Ray Data.
2. 10 Facts about Voyager 1: 1. Share. Since then, these spacecraft have continued to travel farther away from us. Quick Facts: Voyager 1 & 2 Mission Introduction.

Voyager 1 is now in interstellar space, 13 billion miles away from Earth. 10 Facts about Voyager 1: 1. NASA. Voyager 1 Has Been Traveling for 35 Years Launched in 1977, September 5 will mark the 36th anniversary of Voyager 1's launch. Together, Voyager 1 and 2 have a mighty impressive résumé.

This page shows Voyager 1 location and other relevant astronomical data in real time. Voyager 1 and 2 are now so far away that they are in interstellar space—the region between the stars. Launched just shortly after its twin spacecraft, Voyager 2, in 1977, Voyager 1 explored the Jovian and Saturnian systems discovering new moons, active volcanoes and a wealth of data about the outer solar system. Today, the space probe continues to communicate with NASA.

When Voyager 1 blasted off from Earth on September 5, 1977, it was designed to last for five years. No other spacecraft have ever flown this far away.

Kids Fun Facts Corner # 1.

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