tunguska event radiation

Today, June 30, 2008, is the 100th anniversary of that ferocious impact near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in remote Siberia--and after 100 years, scientists are still talking about it. The Tunguska (pronounced: toon-goos'-ka) explosion of 1908 fulfills all five parts of the above definition and can be considered the epitome of a cosmic impact catastrophe. The phrase 'no dangerous radiation' is interesting, as it reflects the preoccupation of many Soviet scientists in the late 1950s and early 60s with the idea that the Tunguska site was awash with radiation.

This model applies recently developed computational fluid dynamic simulations, which include the impact of ablation and radiation on the shock-layer flowfield, and ray-tracing radiation transport with atmospheric absorption.

Zolotov was as enigmatic as the Tunguska event itself. Vital clues to the Tunguska event appeared on February 15, 2013, when a smaller but still impressive meteor burst in the atmosphere near Chelyabinsk, Russia.NASA explained: New … Sediments are seen as the key to understanding an event that - because of its remote location - … Photographs of Hiroshima's Ground Zero in 1945 have trees STILL STANDING around the Japanese Agricultural Exposition Hall. A catastrophe may be defined as a natural event of large magnitude (energy), short duration, wide extent and low frequency.
The U.S. exploded its atomic bomb high in the air to increase the area of destruction. Even today, Tunguska shows a slight trace of radioactivity. The area of radiant burn measured for the Tunguska event provides a test case for the developed model.

That's how the Tunguska event felt 40 miles from ground zero. The main proponent of this idea was the geophysicist Aleksei Zolotov.

Lakes may hold the answer to the epic Tunguska Event, an atmospheric explosion 112 years ago which had the force of 185 Hiroshima bombs, wiping out 80 million trees.

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