the space probe galileo was the first space probe to drop into the atmosphere of what planet?

The history of Galileo and its long space odyssey to the most dramatic corner of the Solar System is packed with first-hand testimonies from the men and women who made it happen. Galileo's probe dropped into what researchers call a "hot spot," a clearing in the clouds where thermal downdrafts drag dry air deep into the atmosphere. Named after the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, it consisted of an orbiter and an entry probe.It was delivered into Earth orbit on October 18, 1989 by Space Shuttle Atlantis. Carrying a probe to drop into Jupiter's atmosphere, NASA's Galileo spacecraft took off in October 1989, whizzed round Venus … After many delays, the U.S probe Galileo was launched from the space shuttle Atlantis in 1989. The very first spacecraft to explore Jupiter — Pioneers 10 and 11 in the early 1970s — utilized the same approach. Galileo was the first to send a probe to explore the depths of Jupiter's atmosphere. It reached Jupiter in December 1995, and dropped a barbecue-grill-sized mini-probe down to the planet…

The mission's three major objectives are to study Jupiter's polar magnetosphere, assess the composition of its atmosphere, and probe its deep interior. One lesser known casualty was the Galileo mission to Jupiter, a $1 billion NASA spacecraft designed to orbit the giant planet, study its many moons and drop a probe into its atmosphere. Galileo was an American uncrewed spacecraft that studied the planet Jupiter and its moons, as well as several other Solar System bodies. Galileo. The European Space Agency's Huygens probe became the first to land on the moon of another planet (Saturn's moon Titan) on January 14, 2005. On that day, Galileo's atmospheric probe plunged into Jupiter's atmosphere and relayed information on the structure and composition of the solar system's largest planet.

The Juno Probe's Dangerous Assignment. Galileo was launched from Cape Canaveral in 1989 and has been exploring Jupiter and its moons since 1995. The Worlds of Galileo tells the extraordinary story of the American space probe, Galileo, that began studying Jupiter and its moons five years ago. "They went into the Sahara desert of Jupiter," Bolton says. Titan is freezing, giant, and weirdly Earth-like. Its journey lasted 58 minutes, taking it 124 miles (200 kilometers) deep into the atmosphere before the rising temperature and pressure crushed, melted--and finally vaporized--the probe. Despite the fact that the Galileo interplanetary spacecraft's main antenna never opened properly after its 1989 launch from Earth, once it arrived at the planet Jupiter in 1995 the probe managed to relay thousands of stunning images through its backup antenna. The probe stopped transmitting before traveling deep enough to get a realistic measure of Jupiter's water.

January 2l, l985 marked the first time that signals from the Soviet Venera-Halley (VEGA) space probes were received at NASA tracking station. Launched in 1989, the Galileo spacecraft arrived at Jupiter on December 7, 1995, when it fired its main engine for a successful orbit capture around Jupiter.

On its way to Jupiter, Galileo recorded images of two large asteroids, Gaspra (the first image of an asteroid taken by a space probe), and Ida, a 15.2-kilometer-wide (9.4-mile-wide) space …

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