the canals of mars 1962
The results of this experiment suggested that the canals might be an optical illusion.

Finding the Canals of Mars Mars is a small planet never closer to the Earth than 35 million miles (56 million kilometers). It consists of seven pieces, which tell (based on scientific understanding of the 1960s) of the physical conditions on planet Mars, the possibility of life on Mars and what forms it might take, of Martian canals and "seas" of the Red Planet.

Mars turns on its axis, making one complete turn in about 24% hours. BY DAN Q. POSIN, Chicago Tribune, June 7, 1964 Author of "Life Beyond Our Planet" COULD THE PLANET MARS be one of the Divinas, one of the planets with advanced life? Slipher. The Martian canals are seen on plates VI and XLVII in the book, The Photographic Story of Mars, by E.C. The map, which looks a lot like some of Lowell’s and Schiaparelli’s renderings, was made by Earl Slipher, an American astronomer who had joined Lowell Observatory in 1908. However photographing the surface of Mars wasn’t easy.
Mars: A World for Exploration (1959) Image: Hubble Space Telescope/NASA. The edition I obtained was published by Northland Press, Flagstaff, Arizona, in 1962." Resolving surface features in a telescope image is even more of a problem because of the blurring effects of two atmospheres, Earth's and Mars'. ICARUS 25, 602-612 (1975) The Canals of Mars: An Assessment after Mariner 9 CARL SAGAN AND PAUL FOX Laboratory for Planetary Studies, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 14853 Received November 21, 1974; revised March 31, 1975 The Lowellian canal network has been compared with the results of Mariner 9 photography of Mars. And now Google Earth shows me this beautiful map made by the US Air Force in 1962. Canals of Mars. Story. That makes it difficult to see surface details. S ee also Science Notebook, Oct. 21, 1962, and April 4, 1963, where a space trip was discussed. To deal with such skepticism, Lowell asked two of his assistants, Vesto Slipher (1875-1969) and Carl Lampland (1873-1951) to take photographs of Mars. "Now to clarify the situation regarding the canal evidence first discovered by Schiaparelli and Lowell through their telescopic studies. Like the previous film Luna produced by Klushantsev, the film Mars was created at the intersection of educational science films and science-fiction. In 1905 there was a Mars opposition and an opportunity. The canals hung around on maps as well, including, surprisingly, a map (above) made in 1962 for the U.S. Air Force.

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