syberia oscar feet
2.Pull down the lever for assembly line 3 (only one that works) at bottom right and the light will turn on. When you are going to make Oscars legs. Aug 21, 2016 @ 3:28am Oscars Legs - hour saving tip (no real spoiler) Just a handy tip. [BLIND-Projekt !!] Pull the right black switch to the right of the card slot and watch as Oscar's feet are made. He doesn't like cryptic names. I am playng the game in german so maybe im missing something? Use Oscar's card in the slot and press the right button to create Oscar's legs. )and a musical cylinder, if they are any use? When I go to assembly line, nothing is there. We need you to answer this question! How do you get Oscar his feet on syberia? With this Kate can make the Model XZ2005_B feet for Oscar.

The karmic Nomad. Model XZ2000 is familiarly known as Oscar. Syberia > General Discussions > Topic Details. Oscar is a train engineer.

How do you get Oscar his feet on syberia? I did some things out of sequence and now can't seem to find the right corner of factory (hamster, etc) for the power. I just can't figure out where to go to pull the lever and chain--I … I did the other steps ok, up to the picking of leg color, etc. We need you to answer this question! Save a game when you first get to the control panel. You learn from Oscar that you need to check out Anna Voralberg's office above the machine floor of the factory.

Insert Oscar's punch card in the slot at bottom center of the panel. Go down the entire conversation list from your notebook. Syberia: Getting Oscar his feet! 3. The items I have are: The Voralberg Key (if schuessel means key? I've tried a few different colours of wood for making the feet but he just says they are not right for him! Therefore he is an engineer automaton. He needs his legs quite desperately, just as soon as you can cause this to happen! I'm having trouble finding feet that oscar will accept. Exit the view of the machine and run down to the bottom of the steps. When Oscar havs is feet he will go to the train in the Valadilene trains tsation because he tells Kate the reason he was built is that he should drive a train and do some of the service parts beside sshe train. Syberia is a graphic adventure game, developed and published by Microïds, and released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, and Xbox on 9 January 2002, with the game later ported for Windows Mobile, Nintendo DS, Android, OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, and Nintendo Switch in later years. Was es gibt noch einen Bereich in der Fabrik, in dem ich nicht war?! When you have made his legs correctly you will get a zoomed out cut scene of a big bird mouth grabbing some wood.

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