sore thighs after lunges

Why Your Quadriceps Are Sore After Squats. Warming up your muscles before you exercise is … They just plain suck. 4. Weight training and other strenuous exercise can trigger delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, starting about 24 hours after a productive workout. Thigh Pain After Lunges If you're doing lunges and experience minimal tearing and stretching of the muscle fibers in your thigh, you've most likely fallen victim to a first-degree quadriceps strain. Any reason why this would be the most sore and sore for the longest time? You might experience tightness, spasms and tenderness in the front of your upper leg. I done some long stride lunges with dumbells 2 days ago and the inside of my thighs are very sore. I would say its the inside but to the back of the thigh. Even if your legs feel fine walking around the gym after doing some squats or lunges, if there are stairs down to the locker room etc you'll probably surprise yourself with how much your legs feel like jello when you try to go down them. Stairs are your mortal enemy after a leg work out. (Railings are your friend ). Which muscle would this be? Warm it Up. 5. What causes DOMS is not entirely known,... Increase Gains Gradually. This soreness is thought to be the result of microscopic tearing in your muscle tissues during exercise. A Remedy for Sore Thigh Muscles From Doing Squats Understand Muscle Soreness. Hey up. thanks for any advice.

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