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Implications of Illicit Trafficking in Arms/Arms Smuggling for ASEAN Security In the Asia Pacific region there are 19 countries producing small arms and light weapons, including some SEAN countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar,A Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Small Arms and Light Weapons Legislation Acknowledgments This document has been developed with the contributions of various agencies and individuals with substantial knowledge and experience working on SALW legislation.

There is no internationally agreed definition of SALW. Light weapons include heavy machine guns, mounted grenade launchers, portable anti-aircraft guns, anti-tank guns, and portable launchers of anti-tank missile. iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS . Weapons Identification: Other Small Arms and Light Weapons Producers in Nigeria and Ghana combine smooth-bore barrels with various breech mechanisms to make break-open cartridge shotguns.
small arms and light weapons in not only exacerbating these conflicts but also perpetuating the prevailing climate of insecurity in the West Africa Subregion.

What are Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW)? However, they are generally considered to be weapons that can be used by one or two people. UN PoA - Programme of Action on small arms and light weapons

I would like thank my thesis committee, Col Jerry Jorgensen, Mr Hebert Merrick,
In … Small arms and light weapons (SALW) Small arms include hand guns, pistols, rifles, sub-machine guns, mortars, grenades, light missiles.

Documenting Small Arms and Light Weapons A Basic Guide Introduction This Issue Brief was written with a range of professionals in mind. 2. We would like to thank in particular Mr. Angus Urquhart and Ms. Cate Buchanan for their valuable contributions, as well as

Download PDF English . Overview This publication is a convenient collection of key international instruments relating to the issue of small arms and light weapons at the United Nations. Such weapons are often referred to as ‘Dane guns’, although this term is applied to a range of similar weapons. Illicit small arms and light weapons Page 1 of 24 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Small arms and light weapons (SA LW) are the main tools used in today's conflicts, be they inter-state wars, civil wars or the actions of organised crime, and the cause of the majority of deaths from armed violence in the world – of combatants, but also, and mainly, of civilians. Small arms are designed for individual use and include pistols, sub-machine guns, assault rifles and light machine guns.

For those who are involved in the military or law enforcement communities, or who spend time in conflict zones as journalists or with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or government

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