seasat satellite facts

Seasat operated for 106 days until 10 October 1978, when a massive short circuit in the satellite's electrical system ended the mission. Sea floor geology is far simpler than the geology of the continents because erosion rates are lower, and also because the continents have suffered multiple collisions associated with the opening and closing of ocean basins. The U.S. Navy GEOdetic SATellite (GEOSAT) was launched on March 12, 1985, into an 800-km, 108-deg inclination orbit. SPOT (French: Satellite Pour l’Observation de la Terre, lit. Seasat. Seasat was the first satellite designed for remote sensing of the Earth's oceans with synthetic aperture radar (SAR).

Instruments of the unmanned spacecraft, engineered to penetrate cloud cover, provided data on a wide array of oceanographic conditions and features, including wave height, water temperature, currents, winds, icebergs, and coastal … MISR Records the View as NASA's Terra Satellite Passes Its 100,000th Orbit Full Resolution: TIFF (41.59 MB) JPEG (1.508 MB) 2018-10-11: Earth: CloudSat: Cloud … Satellite imagery may also be used to map features in the water, such as coral reefs. Seasat carried five major instruments designed to … The mission was designed to demonstrate the feasibility of global satellite monitoring of oceanographic phenomena and to help determine the requirements for an operational ocean remote sensing satellite system. The satellite carried five instru-ments to measure sea-surface temperature, wind speed, wind direction, the amount of water in the atmosphere, ocean waves and ice fields. Averaged over an entire year, approximately 342 watts of solar energy fall upon every square meter of Earth. Another satellite, Tiros-N, was also launched in 1978. The mission was designed to demonstrate the feasibility of global satellite monitoring of oceanographic phenomena and to help determine the requirements for an operational ocean remote sensing satellite system. The Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) has flown a Special Sensor Microwave/Imager (SSM/I) since 1987. During its 99 days of operation, Seasat orbited the Earth 14 times daily. Seasat 1 provided 95% global coverage every 36 h. The GEOSAT (GEOdetic SATellite) was a U.S. Navy Earth observation satellite, launched on March 12, 1985 into an 800 km, 108° inclination orbit, with a nodal period of about 6040 seconds. In 2017, the European Space Agency launched the Sentinel 5-p satellite as part of its advanced Earth observation programme, Copernicus. NASA's Seasat satellite also carried a SMMR instrument in 1978, but, unfortunately, a power failure caused data acquisition to cease after 106 days. Launched on May 4, 2002, the satellite has six differrent Earth-observing instruments on board and is named for the large amount of information it collects about water in the Earth system. The Seasat data were collected for a continuous 90 days in 1978, at latitudes between 72 degrees South and 72 degrees North.

This visualization shows the progression of improved data resolution from satellite altimeters in the past, present, and future, beginning with 1.5-degree resolution data in 1978 from Seasat and ending with 0.05-degree resolution data from NASA's SWOT mission, planned to launch in 2021.

Note: This data set is now on HTTPS so references to CD-ROM are historic and no longer applicable. The Ocean Dynamics Satellite (Seasat 1) was designed to provide measurements of sea-surface winds, sea-surface temperatures, wave heights, internal waves, atmospheric liquid water content, sea ice features, ocean features, ocean topography, and the marine geoid. This data set contains surface elevations of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets derived from SEASAT and GEOSAT radar altimetry data. (Minitrack on Vanguard l) First transfer of a liquid cryogen in space.

The American satellite Seasat, launched in June 27, 1978, is regarded as the first earth observation satellite with an imaging radar. Seasat was launched in 1978 as a "proof-of-concept" mission to determine if radar remote sensing was valuable for ocean studies. (RXTE) First use of satellite tracking data to improve our knowledge of Earth's gravity field, learning we have a pear shaped world.

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