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The formal name for the spacesuit used on the space shuttle and International Space Station is the Extravehicular Mobility Unit, or EMU.

Without these special suits, astronauts wouldn’t be able to leave their spacecraft.

Fifty years after Neil Armstrong stepped on the Moon wearing an ILC Dover-made spacesuit, the aerospace manufacturing company is coming out with two brand-new designs.
Today, NASA unveiled its designs for future spacesuits that astronauts will wear during trips to the lunar surface. Maybe one day you'll be able to go to space on holiday! by Marshall Brain.

Astronauts need a space suit that protects them from extreme hot and cold. The xEMU suit will be the first suit worn on the moon's surface since NASA's Apollo program sent the last astronauts to the moon in 1972. These bulky, heavy, mobility-limiting pressurized suits (including life support systems, the typically extravehicular activity suit weighs over 300 pounds!) NASA has unveiled a new lunar rover that aims to transform space exploration by allowing astronauts to roam large distances without cumbersome spacesuits when they return to the Moon …

The space suit must have air so that astronauts can breathe.

A spacesuit is much more than a set of clothes astronauts wear on spacewalks. Astronauts can work outside in space if they're wearing a spacesuit. Space can be dangerous.

What if an astronaut went on a space walk without wearing a space suit?

NASA has unveiled two new prototype spacesuits, one of which will be worn by the first female astronaut when she steps foot on the moon. The formal name for the spacesuit used on the space shuttle and International Space Station is the Extravehicular Mobility Unit, or EMU. Astronauts wear various types of clothing for all aspects of a mission to space. A fully equipped spacesuit is really a one-person spacecraft. The suits protect astronauts from getting too hot or cold. The space suit must have air so that astronauts can breathe. Scientists are working on spaces suits that tourists can wear.

The Moon has no air. Space suits are often worn inside spacecraft as a safety precaution in case of loss of cabin pressure, and are necessary for extravehicular activity (EVA), work done outside spacecraft. Not only does a suit need to keep people alive, but it needs to be flexible enough to work in.

Space can be dangerous. Spacesuits regulate pressure, temperature, and supply breathable air so the astronauts can survive.

The suit includes a …

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