roxas and sora

He was so sick and tired of this! sora let ventus into his heart twice to save him and the second time supposedly sora kept his heart or a large part of it. He is Sora's Nobody and a Keyblade Wielder. Debating on adding Ventus, Terra, and Vanitas, if there's a strong interest. Roxas Sora uploaded a video 7 years ago 10:00:01.

Created in the image of Ventus, Roxas is Sora's Nobody who was recruited by Xemnas as the final member of Organization XIII. User Info: marcoexe. Roxas, was the thirteenth and newest member of the Organization, and was created in Twilight Town when Sora gave up his heart to save Kairi in the original Kingdom Hearts.Due to Sora returning to his original self after being turned in to a heartless, Roxas and Sora both co-existed. Add to library 174 Discussion 26 Browse more Adventure Anime/Manga Fanfiction. Roxas,Sora,Alone,Lemon. soroku myposts. soroku rokuso sora x roxas roxas x sora kh sora kh roxas kingdom hearts.

Sora ran as fast as he could, panting harshly against the cold air, tears blurring his vision, his heart hammering in his chest. Roxas' personal Keyblades are Oathkeeper and Oblivion, two weapons that represent Sora's memories of Kairi and Riku respectively (though his weapon at first was the Kingdom Key, the same weapon that Sora currently wields). 8.

Nobodies are creatures who were created from the remains of those who have lost their hearts to the Heartless. Yeah, I think Roxas need to date other people. 871 notes. Add to My Favorites Report this Debate Share with My Friends. posted over a year ago reikodiana said: Roxas of course. "F-faster please! Data-Roxas is a character that appears as a boss in Kingdom Hearts coded and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. They're both adorable in their own way but Roxas has the more upper hand since he's part of Org XIII, dual wields with two of the coolest keyblades, and his personality is cooler. Overview Roxas wielding his two keyblades. This chapter's pairing: Sora:x:Roxas ((Hey guys, it's Myou! Roxas is the Nobody of main character Sora and the 13th member of Organization XIII. Disclaimer: In terms of pure martial and magical ability, Having a stronger heart is something even Roxas acknowledged in DDD. Some of these read like one-shots. Reblog. It's really confusing as to why Ven had Sora (and no one else) fix Ven's broken heart. One Piece - Overtaken 10 hours - Duration: 10 hours. marcoexe (Expert) - 8 years ago 3 1. Sora gasped and Roxas licked over his slit lightly, causing another moan to come from Sora's lips. Follow. Roxas started to suck and tug at Sora's erection, pumping him with his hand and going faster. Roxas is the Nobody of main character Sora and the 13th member of Organization XIII. The story of Roxas was better than Sora's in 1.5 HD Remix.

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Introduced in the first Kingdom Hearts game in 2002, Sora is portrayed as a cheerful teenager who lives on the Destiny Islands, and has been best friends with Riku and Kairi since childhood.

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