rocks under the sea

Some parts of the crust are above the level of the sea, and we call those parts ‘land’. Photo about Some big rocks under the sea water. It’s all rocks, all the way down. Metamorphic rocks formed when either sedimentary, igneous, or earlier formed metamorphic rocks were put under pressure and heat deep in the earth's crust. The geology of the North Sea describes the geological features such as channels, trenches, and ridges today and the geological history, plate tectonics, and geological events that created them.. Limestone is a rock.

Types of Rocks Found on the Sea Floor Earth Science Plate Tectonics is the process by which the series of tectonic plates, into which the entire surface crust of the Earth is divided, slowly moves about due to the convective forces of heat rising up to the surface from the Earth’s core and then spreading out laterally, pushing the plates along. Image of movement, coastal, motion - 50234342 The ocean is actually extremely ‘thin’ (not very thick) compared to the earth’s crust, and it just sits on top of the parts of the crust that are below the level of the sea. The basement of the North Sea was formed in an intraplate setting during the Precambrian.Rigid blocks were overlaid with various depositions, sands and salts.

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