reddit calisthenics transformation

If you don't want to then ok, just scroll down and you will see some more videos and my stats. If you find yourself regularly imagining what it's like to be a different gender than the one you think you are then it may be worth hitting up /r/asktransgender for more information, or r/egg_irl to see if anything is uncomfortably relatable. 1 Year Calisthenics Transformation: 16 Years Old. Training type : Calisthenics.
I've want to share my new update on my Calisthenics transformation it's been around 4 months since I've last posted here! This is nothing crazy transformation but I believe my background story is different than the most. Hello, this is my little transformation story. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Time period: 10 months.

r/bodyweightfitness: Bodyweight Fitness is for redditors who like to use their own body to train, from the simple pullups, pushups, and squats to … STATS: Age: 30 (started training when I was 28) Weight: 69kg (fluctuates between 67 and 71) Some background: I started bboying (breakdancing) when I was 15-16 and only ever did that for fitness for most of my life. Calisthenics, in its many different disciplines, are responsible for countless body transformations. This post will be very long, but I think reading this will be worth it. This may shock a lot of people, but you don’t need to starve yourself while spending hours a day lifting heavy weights to lose weight or build muscle. A very high percentage of people into transformation fantasies are trans, relative to the general population.

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