red rock cola review

Send us your product for review. Review Request. The bottle of Red Rock I obtained came from Clayton Distributors of Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you to DrumsInHeat, VelvetGal5, Dortiz116, rachelishot0, … Red Rock Cola, from the soda-soaked metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia, is vanilla-rich and fizzy, with some of the caustic, tooth-rotting acidity we've come to expect from brown soda, but not quite the syrupy base; it is thinner than your typical soda-fountain cola, a trait I've noticed in a number of old-formula sodas sweetened with cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. It has a light Cola scent and a decent carbonation that adds a small bite. Subscribe; Sign In; Newsletter; Mobile Navigation. They distribute Red Rock Cola in a bottle with a nostalgic label, echoing the history of the drink. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment in support of the show or to answer the question I ask at the end of each episode. Red Rock Premium Cola Review (Soda Tasting #67) Red Rock Premium Cola, from Atlanta, Georgia, has been produced since 1885.

It was once endorsed by baseball great Babe Ruth. Along with Red Rock, Clayton distributes Welch's, Mistic, Jolt Cola, Gatorade and other beverages Despite the labels assertion that the Cola has "Just The Right Bite", there isn't a lot of bite to Red Rock. It means a lot. As Colas go Red Rock is average.

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