radarsat 2 ship detection

Disaster management. The system is built using the Defence Science & Technology Organisation's (DSTO) automated target detection software system known as the Analysts' Detection Support System (ADSS). After that, the polarimetric signature method, namely, the SPAN (total power) detector, is used to detect ships. In this paper, we present a new method based on the difference between the ship pixels and background pixels, using a model similar to LBP (Local Binary Pattern). The conventional wisdom of the day was that there was no useful information to be found … To monitor the world's oceans, Canada has provided radar data for operational applications such as ship detection, oil spill monitoring, and wind and surface-wave field estimation. RADARSAT-2 improves ship detection with its Ultra-Fine beam mode (three-metre resolution) and offers the potential for ship classification. The ship peak signal quantification appears to be the most suitable method for accurate measurement of ship-ocean contrast in the presence of a nonstationary ship signal. • Secondary payload on board - Automatic Identification System (AIS) for ship detection and identification zoom. DRDC Scientists Analyze Performance of RADARSAT-2 for Ship Detection. The local pmin performs better than the peak of Δp and single polarizations (HH, VV, and HV). When a team of scientists from Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) started analyzing data from an experiment to better understand the performance of RADARSAT-2 for ship detection, the results were startling. Abstract: A ship detection system for use with RADARSAT-2 dual-polarisation multi-look imagery is described. RADARSAT-2 ship detection performance is limited by various factors including ship RCS (Radar Cross Section), which is a function of ship size and design, ocean backscatter, which is a function of sea state, and imaging geometry and radar parameters including resolution and sensitivity. RADARSAT-2 provides high-resolution SAR imagery regardless of light and weather conditions. days with RADARSAT-1 and 2) for Coherent Change Detection • Circular Compact Polarization for better detection, measurement, and discrimination of surface features and characteristics.

RADARSAT-2 images the Earth at spatial resolutions ranging from 1 to 100 metres, providing coverage from 144 to 250,000 km 2 in a single scene.

Imaging supports single, dual and quad polarization options.

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