partition in a sentence

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Examples of partition in a sentence: 1. Orders are placed there through a bullet-proof Plexiglas partition. Booth partition and compartmentation height should not impact normal operation of fire ala Partition definition, a division into or distribution in portions or shares. See more. This partition was taken to be an immutable fact of life. The second partition was only a question of time.

Definition of Partition explained with real life illustrated examples.

Translate partition into Spanish. 3.

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It's difficult to see partition in a sentence . Partition definition: A partition is a wall or screen that separates one part of a room or vehicle from... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

239+3 sentence examples: 1. If there were only a partition between us! The secret treaty of partition was agreed on 19 January 1668. Learn more. 2.

The United Nations decided to partition Palestine on 29 November 1947. 3. 1 mass noun (especially with reference to a country with separate areas of government) the action or state of dividing or being divided into parts. noun. The partition wall has disappeared. Select the partition in the device list or the blank space in the partition map. Things moved quickly after the partition of British India in 1947. 2. Because of this, RK05 cartridges were divided into two partitions. partition in a sentence - Use "partition" in a sentence 1. partition definition: 1. a vertical structure like a thin wall that separates one part of a room or building from…. The subsets in a partition are called cells.

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