oregon earthquake 1991
About this map. Magnitude: 2 . Depth: 5 km Oregon Earthquake History. 1991-08-17 23:05:01 UTC at 23:05 August 17, 1991 UTC Location: Epicenter at 41.468, -126.222 171.2 km from Crescent City (106.2 miles) Coast Of Northern California. 6 Interactive by Mark Friesen/The Oregonian. Click on a marker for more info. Source: U.S. Geological Survey; Institute for Geophysics, University of Texas. Epicenters and Locations of the Latest Quakes Near Portland, Oregon, United States - Before 1991-10-18 19:57:38 UTC Earthquake Track Toggle navigation Today's Earthquakes Portland and its surrounding region is potentially the most seismically active area within Oregon. 4 . Real-time earthquake map. One year prior to this August 29, 2019 earthquake, a similar earthquake in size, location, and mechanism, occurred on … The 1993 Klamath Falls earthquakes took place in Klamath Falls, Oregon, beginning on Monday, 20 September at 8:28 p.m.The doublet earthquake registered respective magnitudes of 6.0 and 5.9 on the moment magnitude scale.The earthquakes were located at a depth of 5.6 miles (9 km) and tremors continued to be felt more than three months after the initial shocks. Quakes in the last 72 hours. This data is updated every 15 minutes. About Us. Recorded Oregon earthquake events date back to 1841, since this time there has been more than 6,000 earthquakes in Oregon, most with a magnitude below three.

Here is every earthquake recorded over the last 30 days by the U.S. Geological Survey. 3.7 magnitude earthquake. The 1991 event ruptured southeast of the Blanco Fracture Zone, within the Juan de Fuca Plate closer to the coasts of Oregon and northern California.

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