nustar effective area

2 of 6 Fire damage is seen at the NuStar energy facility after an explosion in Crockett, Calif. on Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019. Miguel Delgado lives in the area and says they test … NUSTAR LOW ENERGY EFFECTIVE AREA CORRECTION DUE TO THERMAL BLANKET TEAR Kristin K. Madsen 1, Brian W. Grefenstette , Sean Pike , Hiromasa Miyasaka1, Murray Brightman1, Karl Forster 1, Fiona A. Harrison 1 Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125, USA Draft version May 5, 2020 ABSTRACT A rip in the MLI at the … In comparison to RHESSI, NuSTAR has over a10´ larger effective area and a much smaller background counting rate. NuSTAR response files are available for download from the "For Proposers" page of the NuSTAR website (CalTech); the files used in this thread are: point_30arcsecRad_1arcminOA.arf — unweighted effective area for a 1' off-axis circular extraction region of radius 30'' nustar.rmf — RMF includes detector efficiency The NuSTAR FPM caldb has been updated (update version 20200429). The update also includes new ARF files to correct the low energy effective area due to thermal blanket tear in the optics associated with focal plane module FPMA.

Effective area for two telescopes as a function of energy compared with the Chandra and XHH focusing telescopes. The overall absolute telescope response calibration requirements will be met using on-orbit observations of the Crab. We then converted from counts to photons using the NuSTAR effective area, livetime correction, vignetting coefficients, and the fractional flux contained in a macropixel. 2013), HXR (2.5–78 keV) observations of faint, previously undetectable solar sources can be obtained. This release includes a new clock correction file using a more accurate estimate of the NuSTAR clock drift. Sirens blared from the NuStar Energy facility, a sound familiar to residents in the small community of Tormey. First, while these limits are model-independent most microflare nonthermal spectra are steeply falling. NuSTAR utilizes a low, graze angle design combined with depth-graded multilayer coatings to extend sensitivity to 80 keV. Photo: Sarahbeth Maney / Special to The Chronicle We used the effective area at 10 keV for two reasons. The NuSTAR calibration approach calls for an absolute calibration of response of the flight detectors, and calibration of the relative effective area of the optics as a function of area and off-axis angle. ARray (NuSTAR; Harrison et al. NuSTAR response files are available for download from the "For Astronomers" page of the NuSTAR website (CalTech); the files used in this thread are: nustar_v2.0_80pct.arf - effective area modified by an 80% extraction region; nustar_v2.0.rmf - includes detector efficiency

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