northridge earthquake electricity

Our team of highly skilled electricians, system designers, and programmers is dedicated to providing you with solutions and products that are effective and efficient and will … Life After a Big Quake These earthquakes will disrupt services like electricity, water and sewer, and limit access in and out of the region. At 4:31 A.M. on January 17, 1994, a powerful earthquake struck 11 miles beneath Northridge, California, northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

As reported by Cal Tech in Pasadena, it measured M R = 6.8 on the Richter scale and caused severe damage to structures. Coastal areas are also at risk of tsunamis, generated from either earthquakes on local faults or across the Pacific. But it brought us together as a community to help each other out. We had no electricity, no phones, and only the supplies we had in what was left in our homes. The shaking woke residents, who discovered the power had gone out citywide. At 4:30 that morning, a major earthquake hit the area. Northridge Earthquake of 1994. Significant Earthquakes and Faults Chronological Earthquake Index Northridge Earthquake. The third major earthquake to occur in the state in 23 years (after the 1971 San Fernando Valley and 1989 San Francisco–Oakland earthquakes), the Some left their houses or peered outside to… The shaking woke residents, who discovered the power had gone out citywide. Just a quick set of photos to remember what most of us here went through living through this nig... htmare. Northridge Electric provides clients with electrical control systems and industrial automation solutions. Today marks the 22nd anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake. The Northridge Earthquake of January 17, 1994: Report of Data Collection and Analysis, Part B: Analysis and Trends, EQE International, Inc. and the Geographic Information Systems Group of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, April 1997. Northridge: A Case Study of an Urban Earthquake In the early morning hours of January 17, 1994, most residents of Los Angeles were still asleep. In 1994, a 6.7-magnitude earthquake rumbled through Los Angeles at 4:30 a.m. can cause damaging earthquakes like the 1994 Northridge earthquake. Northridge earthquake of 1994, earthquake that struck the densely populated San Fernando Valley in southern California, U.S., on Jan. 17, 1994.

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