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Hui people are of varied ancestry, many directly descending from Silk Road travelers. They began to develop into national costumes. The living customs differ from the other ethnic groups. The Hui people who live in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region specially love wheaten food and they like to eat noodles and dough sheets. Daily life usually centres on the extended family, whose primary responsibilities are producing food for subsistence and rearing children. They had Han costumes, wore Arabic and Persian styles, and made their own white caps, scarves and shoes. In 1958 the first college was founded in the autonomous region. Uyghurs enjoy their own unique culture and art, such as the collection of stories The Tales of Nasreddin, the music and dance epic The Twelve Muqams, Uyghur folk dance and other aspects famous at home and abroad.

In the event a Hui wants to marry a girl from Han or other ethnic minorities, the girl must understand and respect the Hui culture as well as convert to Islamism, or the marriage will be denied. There is a fairly common belief that Hui people are just Han Chinese who are Muslims. Daily life and social customs.

In Hui-populated areas, the Hui people have set up their own primary and secondary schools in their communities. When one speaks of folk dances in connection with Chinese culture, most people today think of the quaint folk dances of ethnic minorities, forgetting that the forefathers of the "tribe" that would later be referred to as the Han Chinese were perhaps the first Chinese people to make use of ritual dancing. They also have their own professors, engineers, doctors, scientists, writers, artists and specialists. Their children are able to attend schools close to their homes.

Like other customs, the dress and costume customs of the Hui people were free and without any restrictions.

People’s daily lives vary enormously in Papua New Guinea, with the great majority of the population living across the diverse rural landscape in villages or hamlets.

In addition, they also like Tiaohefan; this is prepared by making porridge with mutton pieces, spices, and diced vegetables. The Hui people are widely distributed throughout China so their diets have developed differently. Dietary Customs.

Hui people. This diverse group of people living together in close-knit communities created a melting pot of cultures, which produced a unique blend of customs that have roots from many areas of the globe that are collectively referred to as “local.” Contemporary Local Customs. For example, marrying people is not encouraged. Pan-Turkic Uyghur activist, Masud Sabri, viewed the Hui people as Muslim Han Chinese and separate from his own people, noting that with the exception of religion, their customs and language were identical to the Han. However, by the Ming Dynasty, the dress customs of Hui people began to be restricted. Not everyone believes it, but I’ve heard it enough times.


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