new sun gambit vs phoenix


Who would live to tell the tale? X-Men: 10 Facts About Gambit You Need to Know. During this period, Gambit's enhanced powers included: Superhuman Physical Prowess: Normally operating at peak human levels, Gambit now possessed genuinely superhuman levels of physical activity, especially endurance. I don't think even New Sun Gambit would stand a chance. Hisoka VS Gambit. Let me explain why. Arizona News. Find the latest Phoenix headlines, including breaking news, award-winning investigations and gripping tales of unique Arizona people and places.


I wonder how New Son did against Phoenix. You also have to take in account that at the time, Gambit was on the same level of power when they fought.

LOL The creole smack.

Gambit in the New Sun reality killed Jean Grey (as Phoenix) and, by accident, wiped all life on Earth (including Hulk, possibly Thor and all Marvel beings that resided on Earth at the point). Our Gambit (616) went through surgery so that his potential would be restricted. Sonu Wasu 8:55 PM, May 22, 2020 . Gambit is Remy LeBeau, a mutant and member of the X-Men and New Orleans Thieves Guild. Casual. Gambit eventually burned out these excess powers in conflict with the New Sun. Phoenix's gambit to kill public vote on arena renovation deal paid off. Grimm22.



New Sun-level Gambit vs. Phoenix Force-possessed Jean Grey. ... On an alternate Earth, Gambit - who eventually goes by the names New Sun/Son - becomes so powerful that he's able to defeat the Phoenix, and he eventually causes the destruction of every other … New Sun, an alternate version of Gambit.

Gambit's absolute potential has been shown in the comic New Sun. KMC Forums > Comic Book Forums > Comic Book 'Versus' Forum > New Son Gambit Vs Flash We’re talking about Iceman at max power and the closest we have seen him at this state was in Astonishing X-Men #62-#65, this Iceman. (Not sure if they are the same character though) Not sure...maybe, since I can't think of any other opponent for Gambit ... DEATH BATTLE Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Special thanks to /u/Etrae for permission to update his Gambit thread and for allowing use of his scans.. A. Bio. But if this was New Sun Gambit, then Hisoka is screwed from what I've heard. I will break the Phoenix force down as a whole for you :) As per the Force itself not being able to be destroyed:( or is the supreme ) We have Thor hurting the Phoenix, even clipping its wings and forcing the force to retreat.

I think he can take both Thanos and Darkside out easily... if what I read was true. Thanos and Darkseid wins 100000/10. New sun and Cable win 6/10 mostly because of Gambit. 8bitChris.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. AKAIK they're both Omega-level, correct?

Potentially universe-destroying levels of power being wielded on both sides, and what's more, their usual moral compasses seem to have gone right out the window.

Central Phoenix News.

Makes it hard to believe the JLA couldnt handle him. Do any of us survive? There would be no winner in this fight. Special needs child takes first steps at the age of five. New Sun was defeated by Gambit.

Didn't that version of gambit lay the pimp hand down on phoenix in his time line.....regular gambit would be a thanos creole son would layeth down the creole smack. ... (New Son) was able to stop a Dark Phoenix and destroyed his reality's Earth.

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