nationalist party (northern ireland)

SDLP party leader Colum Eastwood won Foyle with a thumping majority, while the Alliance Party took North Down. The Troubles: Name given to the period of armed conflict in Northern Ireland, from the late 1960s and usually taken to have ended with the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. General Terms. In November of that year an agreement was signed between the major political parties (nationalist SDLP and the Unionist Party) in Northern Ireland, known as the Sunningdale Agreement. The Nationalist Party was a term commonly used to describe a number of parliamentary political parties and constituency organisations supportive of Home Rule for Ireland from 1874 to 1922. Crucially, once you include the Eurosceptic UKIP party and Northern Irish Conservative party who both actively support Northern Ireland remaining in the United Kingdom, this number jumps to 47.9%. A total of 803,367 votes were cast in Northern Ireland - a turnout of 62.09%. On the opposite end of the spectrum the combined Nationalist Vote (Sinn Féin & SDLP) performed poorly, only achieving a 38.4% vote share. At present, 10 of the Northern Irish members of Parliament are from the Democratic Unionist Party, which was the only political party in Northern Ireland to … Loyalist/Unionist: Supporters of the continuing status of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom.

It was also the name of the main Irish nationalist Nationalist Party in Northern Ireland from 1921 to 1978.

Unionists see the place as British; nationalists see it as Irish.

Story continues below advertisement T he easy assumption about politics in Northern Ireland is that it is a contest between two ideas of sovereignty. For the first time in history, only a minority of members elected to the U.K. Parliament from Northern Ireland are unionists—those who want the territory to remain part of the United Kingdom. Gerry Adams, leader of the largest nationalist party, Sinn Fein, has made it equally clear that his party won't sit in the assembly without an Irish Language Act. For the first time, Northern Ireland has more nationalist than unionist MPs There were gains for the SDLP, Alliance and Sinn Féin during a bad night for the DUP. The moderate forces that led Northern Ireland’s first power-sharing government from 1999 to 2002, the Ulster Unionists and the Catholic-backed Social Democratic and Labour Party, won 10 … Northern Ireland has elected more nationalist MPs than unionists for the first time in history, as Sinn Fein and the SDLP secured a total of nine seats in … Generally, though not exclusively, an ideology held by Protestants within Northern Ireland.

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