mt taranaki eruption zones

It is very difficult to imagine the consequences of a major eruption. While eruptions have not occurred at regular intervals, on average there has been a moderate-sized eruption every 340 years, with numerous small ones. For a one page fact sheet / poster on Mount Taranaki volcano click VolcanoFactSheets Taranaki.pdf (536.34 kB) .

Historically, Taranaki has had minor eruptions every 90 years or so with a major one thrown in every 500 years. It is likely that Egmont Volcano will erupt again, and all of Taranaki is at risk! Detailed studies by scientists from Massey University have worked out the history of volcanic eruptions at Mt Taranaki over the last 130,000 years. Mount Egmont/Taranaki (Egmont Volcano) is an active volcanic center. View of Taranaki, with surrounding eruption deposits. Sonstiges [ Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten ] Der Taranaki bildete eine Hintergrundkulisse (als Ersatz für den Fuji ) im Filmdrama The Last Samurai ( Der Letzte Samurai ) des US-amerikanischen Regisseurs Edward Zwick aus dem Jahr 2003. This classically shaped symmetrical peak stands in isolation to the west of the Central North Island volcanoes. It is most likely that areas due east of the volcano will be affected most. Nördlich des dominanten Taranaki liegt der niedrigere ältere Vulkan Mount Pouakai im Kaitake-Gebirgszug im Nationalpark. Egmont Volcanic Seismic Monitoring Network & Contingency Plan . The western 1500 km2 of the Taranaki region is a volcanic landscape that has been constructed from the products of volcanic eruptions principally derived from the volcano. The 2518 m tall cone volcano last erupted about 150 years ago at the culmination of several eruptions in the preceding few hundred years.

The areal extent of tephra deposition in each zone will be determined by the size of the eruption, the height of the eruption column and the wind velocities and directions at a range of altitudes. Although the mountain is more commonly referred to as Taranaki, it has two official names under the alternative names policy of the New Zealand Geographic Board. Mount Taranaki, or Mount Egmont, is a dormant stratovolcano in the Taranaki region on the west coast of New Zealand's North Island. It last erupted around 1755 AD.

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