most dangerous products ever
Here, the top 5 beauty dangers.

The former used "magic crystals" — a.k.a. Take a look at some of the stran From mercury in skin creams to lead in lipsticks, heavy metals, bacteria, and other dangerous ingredients are turning up in some of the most popular beauty products. Two of the most famous retro examples include the Austin Magic Pistol and Mattel's Belt Buckle Derringer, both from the '50s.

Tires – Firestone (2000) Firestone recalled 6.5 million defective tires in 2000 in one of the most dangerous instances of product failure.

At worst, recalled products are linked to injuries, illnesses and even deaths. Dumbbells, barbells, killer magnets and exploding toilets have all been targeted by federal consumer products police. In the least of cases, faulty products or contaminated foods are an inconvenience for the unlucky buyers.

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