modified side plank for shoulder pain

Here’s why you feel the side plank exercise in your shoulder.
Modified Side Plank—Swimmer’s Strength Workout - Duration: 0:24. Simple Strong Science 29,119 views.

... How To Correct Shoulder Or Back Pain While Planking - Duration: 3:45.

Side plank is an amazing move for your obliques, but lots of times, it can feel like your shoulders are being worked more than your core. Side Plank Muscles Worked. Make sure to keep your abs tight the entire time. The side plank specifically targets the Quadratus Lumborum (QL, pictured below) and Obliques.

Instructions Lie on one side with your knees on the floor and bent to 90 degrees. Using your elbow, prop your hips up, balancing on your stacked knees. Planks are a great exercise for improving core stability, are useful in rehab or prehab settings, and can easily be modified for any individual.

These muscles bend your spine sideways, but in the side plank are resisting that lateral movement and stabilizing the core.

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