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Luke William . I think a name beginning with a vowel would flow well. Besides Jameson, it cannot be: Alexander Simon John Wesley Robert Zayden Owen ANY BIBLICAL NAME THANK YOU See all name polls. Gender Boy Girl Both. Next.

Baby Names Finder. View results without voting. Luke Alexander was my first thought too! 8. Baby Names . Due date: Dec 31, 2019. My combo is currently Luke Lawrence but Im falling out of love a bit with Lawrence.

my wife is pregnant with boy and due in January we've decided to name him Luke but can't decide on middle name any middle name that sounds nice and flows with our last name last name is Smith we have 4 years old son called Elliott Oliver Smith Posted by 3 months ago. Axel or Adrian ? I like 2-3 syllable names for middle names with a 1 syllable first name, personally. Vote. Can object oriented systems scale up better from small to large. Baby Names . Any suggestions? Luke _____ Wright The middle name needs to be longer than the first, but it can't be biblical. We HATE the name Jameson and Zayden, if that is of any assistance. Middle name for Luke. What is a good middle name for Luke? 14 comments. You might be able to find a middle name that flows better with either. My husband and I are having a boy and we decided we love the name Luke. Our last name begins with a D and it has two syllables. advertisement | page continues below Create or manage your name list . Thanks, Ellie xx My son's name is Luke but full name Lucas, and his mn is Gregory but that's after my FIL. I also like Luke Edward.

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Like someone above mentioned Luke Alexander, Lucas Alexander or Lucca Alexander have a nicer flow. Axel or Ade?
Middle name for Luke. Open to suggestions. Don't ask why, that's just how we want it.

save hide report. Popularity. Hi, I'm trying to decide on a middle name for Luke but so far Im not sure. Shiloh Olivia Jane or Carter Olivia Jane ? It flows pretty ok with Luke too. Like someone above mentioned Luke Alexander, Lucas Alexander or Lucca Alexander have a nicer flow.

Does vera Lynn have any grandchildren. For that reason, although I personally prefer the name Conor, I think Luke Oliver flows best from your favourites.

I could go on. YES, I know that Luke is biblical. Depends on what style you want, classic, trendy? We're considering Earl, Osborne, or Christopher, but we don't love any of our ideas. Luke Taylor.

Cast your vote. Luke Davis.

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