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- [Mel Robbins] Okay, and then when you wake up, you shouldn't move? Why is that important?
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"The Mel Robbins Show" is officially launched! A 100% free experience with Mel Robbins designed to help you dream bigger in the next decade. Decades later, they’re stuck in … - [Lauri Loewenburg] This is actually the most important part of being able to remember your dreams because … Mel meets four family members who are grieving after their sister was murdered in one of the most infamous cold cases in Virginia’s history – The Colonial Park Murders. In this episode, Mel introduces you the "The 5 Second Rule" and how it has changed lives around the world.

Mel Robbins and Dermatologist Dr. Sheila Farhang help English tutor Jasmine understand the science behind sweating and provide her with the tools to conquer those self-conscious moments, presented …

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