mariner 5 recorded what about the surface temperature and atmospheric pressure? quizlet

It is found that the observations are best satisfied by an atmosphere with a constant lapse rate, a maximum air temperature of 310°K at the surface, and 78 m atm of CO2.

Mariner 4 (together with Mariner 3 known as Mariner–Mars 1964) was the fourth in a series of spacecraft intended for planetary exploration in a flyby mode.

This was in line with what was then assumed to be the surface conditions.. At the time, it was thought that the surface temperature of Venus was approximately 300C, with an atmosphere consisting mainly of carbon dioxide and nitrogen at about 20 bars. These evaluations have been rather crude, Based upon the re- In the present study, we use the recent Mariner 5 and Venera 4 observations of temperature, pressure and atmospheric composition to Barometers were designed for 10 bar. The tentative model of the Venusian atmosphere created using the total of 70 temperature and 50 pressure measurements returned by Venera 5 and 6 (plus the findings from Venera 4 and Mariner 5) found a surface temperature of 497°±60° C and a pressure of 67 to 135 bars with 90 bars being the most likely value. • Mariner 5 detected atmospheric pressure 90x that ... • Temperature of surface reaches boiling point (100 ... more water into sky ‐> increases temp and so on….

Mariner 5. Mariner-Venus 1967 was, like its predecessor five years earlier, a flyby mission--gathering interplanetary data as it made the journey, and measuring and probing Venus with seven scientific experiments from its closest approach of slightly more than 4000 kilometers.

Venus, the second planet from the sun, is both the closest planet to Earth and the planet closest in size to Earth; considered ‘sister planet’ to Earth.

The United States, Soviet Union, and European Space Agency have sent many spacecraft to Venus. Here are the highlights from the two missions.

Also called Mariner Venus '67; Launched June 14, 1967 at 06:01:00 UTC; Orbital mass: 244.5 kg; Mariner 5 was a refurbished backup spacecraft for the Mariner 4 mission and was converted from a Mars mission to a Venus mission. Missions to Venus. To calculate the emerging thermal radiation, it is assumed that the shape of the vertical temperature profile is similar to that observed by Mariner 5 and Venera 4—that is, a constant lapse rate of 9°C/km from the surface to a pressure level of a few tenths of an atmosphere, above which the temperature remains constant. Some flew by the planet, some orbited it, some descended through the atmosphere and struck the surface (hard-landed), and a few soft-landed on the surface. A successful manned mission to Venus may not be possible. In 1962, Mariner 2 staged the first successful encounter with another planet when it flew past Venus.

... as the Viking orbiters and landers returned a wealth of data on the Martian surface and atmosphere.
The next successful mission in the series, Mariner 4, snapped the first close-range
sults to date, the greenhouse explanation of the high surface temperature is still in doubt. No. A series of American interplanetary missions. This book contains the record of the Mariner-Venus 1967 project.

The early Venera probe hulls were designed for an atmospheric pressure of 25 bar.

The U.S. and USSR sent their individual spacecrafts to explore Venus in 1967. The American Mariner 2 and Mariner 5 missions passed within 35,000 km of the planet in 1962 and 1967, ... it radioed back information on atmospheric pressure and temperature.

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