marauding in a sentence

Wherever the boys went, marauding bandits were a constant.

Sentence with the word marauding However, Mr. Netanyahu rejected recommendations to term the marauding attackers as "terrorists," likening them instead to left-wing Israeli protesters who participate in demonstrations with Palestinians against settlements and the Israeli army. The marauding lion jumped the fence and killed the goat. Put marauding into a sentence? 3.

The place is remote, and in a corner out of the path of marauding tribes. (of an animal) killing domestic animals. How to use marauding in a sentence.

marauding definition: 1. going from one place to another killing or using violence, stealing, and destroying: 2. going…. We must strengthen our defenses against that marauding …

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threat. (comparative more marauding, superlative most marauding) raiding and pillaging a marauding band (of an animal) killing in wanton fashion. How can you use marauding in a sentence? (: Related Questions. Wiki User 2013-03-15 15:47:56.

Marauding definition, engaged in raiding for plunder, especially roaming about and ravaging an area: marauding bands of outlaws. Saxon and other Germanic tribes, obtained an easy mastery, and spread over the whole country, holding their own against marauding Northmen, except on the northern part of the east coast; : 2. 5. No lives were sacrificed, but the marauding system was carried to its extent. I hope this helped. The marauding bands of Duma also threatened a raid upon the city.

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1. The southern castle has fallen to the marauding forces.

Example sentences with the word marauding.marauding example sentences.marauding Sentence Examples.

A marauding stoat entered the rabbit warren and killed fifteen bunnies. This precaution was taken to protect the cache from marauding animals.

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