macintosh 512k floppy drive

Doing so can ruin the floppy controller, meaning you can’t even use the internal drive any longer. Also currently the hard drive cannot be booted without a floppy in the internal drive. Never connect an Apple II 5.25″ floppy drive to the Mac’s floppy port. So I am looking at buying a vintage macintosh 512k from a guy on Craigslist it boots up and displays the floppy disk symbol. Thanks to Eric Rasmussen For OS info. Please note that the maximum floppy size for the Plus is 800K (DSDD/2DD diskettes). It will decode the files at the same time it copies them. More often than not the files will end up being .sit or.sea files once they have been decoded.

Use Transmac to drag and drop .bin and .hqx files onto the Macintosh formatted disk in that drive. The computer will perfectly boot and work without the battery, but the date and time settings will not be preserved.

A diskette containing a valid system is needed for booting from a floppy drive. It sold for $3,195, and was replaced in April 1986 by the 512Ke . The computer will perfectly boot and work without the battery, but the date and time settings will not be preserved. The Macs always had an internal drive, and any external drive cannot be daisy-chained.

Is the external drive an extra floppy drive or a hard disk drive? Doing so can ruin the floppy controller, meaning you can’t even use the internal drive any longer. Introduced in September of 1984, The Mac 512K was a Mac 128K with 384 kB more RAM. Hello! At most only two hard drives followed by a floppy can be connected. The Apple 3.5 Drive, A9M0106 (825-1304-A) is a floppy-disk drive that uses removable, 800k 3 1/2″ inch disks to store and retrieve data. It plugs into the external drive port of the Macintosh and has another port for another drive, either another Apple hard disk or an external floppy drive. Some Macintosh computers do have startup issues related to weak PRAM batteries, but a Plus should boot even with an empty or missing battery. Any type/model on it? Format a floppy in your Macintosh then put this into the PC drive.

Similarly to Macintosh Plus, the board uses a rare 4.5V PX-21 battery. This drive was introduced with the Apple IIGS, although it was marketed as universal and will also match the case of the Macintosh II series.

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