lunar south pole

Planetary and Space Science . AU - Foing, B.H. The lunar south pole has a very cold surface, as it is permanently under the shadow. The lunar south pole is located on the center base of the far side of the moon (80°S to 90°S) and covers a distance of about 1250 km. This animation zooms into one region of high interest, the lunar south pole, as seen by the 1994 Clementine mission. My image is labelled below and includes an inset from Sky and Telescope on identifying the South Pole.

104750. AU - van Westrenen, W. PY - 2012. AU - Davies, G.R. The sunlight strikes at a low angle due to the tilted axis of rotation (5 degrees) of the moon with the sun. The lunar south pole region features craters that are unique in that the near-constant sunlight does not reach their interior. T1 - Surface mineralogy and stratigraphy of the lunar South Pole-Aitken basin from Clementine UV/VIS and NIR data. This region of the Moon is important for both lunar scientists and engineers planning future human exploration. Flahaut J, Carpenter J, Williams JP, Anand M, Crawford IA, van Westrenen W et al. The lunar South Pole is one of the most compelling places in the entire Solar System. Thus it never reaches the ice inside the craters, and the water stays frozen. The lunar south pole has shifted 5 degrees from where it previously was billions of years ago. The towering massifs of the South Pole-Aitken Basin can be accessed, and these massifs contain impact melt that will allow scientists to unambiguously determine the age of this huge basin.

It turns out I think I just did. Of the lunar poles, the south pole is of greater interest because the area that remains in shadow is much larger than that at the north pole. My image is labelled below and includes an inset from Sky and Telescope on identifying the South Pole. In addition to oxygen in lunar rock, water is also known to exist in lunar permanently shadowed craters, many of which are found at the Moon’s South Pole. The lunar south pole is of special interest to scientists because of the occurrence of water ice in permanently shadowed areas around it. NASA's next moon mission, the Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter (LRO), will pave the way for future lunar missions by taking high resolution data of the entire lunar body. 2020 Jan 1;180:1-15. Y1 - …

Lunar South Pole - posted in Lunar Observing: In helping someone identify craters today, I realized there was a chance I had imaged the lunar South Pole recently on March 6th. The lunar south pole is a place on the Moon.It has a special interest because ice seems to be inside the craters.. As the moon orbits, it keeps one face always opposite the Earth.So when the Sun shines on it, it shines obliquely on the poles. A few tested methods to produce lunar oxygen include carbothermic reduction of regolith, hydrogen reduction of regolith, and molten regolith electrolysis. This increases the probability of ice and volatile deposits on and under the moon’s surface, near the south pole. Update The impact plumes of the Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) and its Centaur rocket stage in Cabeus crater near the south pole of the Moon on 9 October 2009 showed the spectral signature of hydroxyl, a key indicator that water ice is present in the floor of the crater (1).

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