lockheed martin asteroid mission

Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has been selected to design dual small deep space spacecraft to visit near-Earth asteroids in a mission called Janus, led by the University of Colorado Boulder. Lockheed Martin to Design Janus Deep Space Spacecraft for Near-Earth Asteroids . Lockheed Martin mission and vision statements help define what the company is working towards and how it remains to be one of the most successful companies in the world. Lucy will be the first space mission to study Jupiter's Trojan asteroids. On Sept. 8 the spacecraft was launched on an Atlas V rocket from Florida starting its seven-year journey. OSIRIS-REx is the third mission in NASA’s New Frontiers Program, which is managed by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, for the agency’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington.

One of NASA’s Small Innovative Mission for Planetary Exploration (SIMPLEx) finalists, Janus is designed to fly by two … Goddard and KinetX Aerospace are responsible for navigating the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft.
The Janus mission targets are well studied and diverse, enabling precision flybys and meaningful comparisons to expose the fundamental processes of binary asteroid formation 6 University of Colorado and/or Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information SIMPLEx AO: NNH17ZDA004O-SIMPLEx July 2018 B-1 It’s what you do when you get there that matters. Within months of OSIRIS-REx’s arrival at Bennu, those imaging the asteroid’s surface found it surprisingly rocky. It will be the first NASA explorer to carry asteroid regolith (soil) samples back to Earth and the first opportunity for scientists to study a pristine asteroid sample that could provide clues to the origins of life. The Janus mission -- set to launch in 2022 so as to reach the asteroid system in 2026 -- is led by UC Boulder principal investigator Dan Scheeres, along with Chris McCaa, Janus program manager at Lockheed Martin Space.

Lockheed Martin Martin Space Systems (LMSS) was the prime contractor designing and assembling the core spacecraft.
The team won the nod from NASA in 2011 to do the mission … OSIRIS-REx will be the first U.S. mission … ... Chief Systems Engineer (CSE) – Janus/SIMPLEx Asteroid Mission Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin has completed the assembly of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft.

"This is a thrilling mission as the Jupiter Trojan asteroids have never been studied up close," said Guy Beutelschies, director of Interplanetary Systems at Lockheed Martin Space Systems. OCAMS in Lockheed Martin Cleanroom.

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