living and working in the netherlands

Netherlands Guide.

Moving to the Netherlands may be a big step that asks a lot of work on your part. LIVING AND WORKING IN THE NETHERLANDS 7 Working There are a number of ways in which you can work in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a highly attractive place to live in, with excellent social and cultural facilities for you to enjoy a great life. Eurofound has taken a multipronged response to the pandemic, adapting its research focus in a variety of ways. The Just Landed Guide is designed to help you deal with the day-to-day challenges of living, working or studying in the Netherlands. This is why we know that the following pages will provide you with lots of useful information about living and working in the Netherlands. Do you plan on working and living in the Netherlands?

Living and working in the Netherlands. COVID-19 continues to have a profound impact on people’s lives across the globe, with major implications for quality of life and work. ADVANTAGES OF LIVING AND WORKING IN THE NETHERLANDS. No security threats – you move around without molestation and fear, knowing fully well you’re in a secure environment. The Abroad Experience team were once in your shoes, moving from their home countries to this wonderful country. Working in the Netherlands + PRO: 30 percent tax ruling and work-life balance The Netherlands has one of Europe’s lowest rates of unemployment, which, combined with the 30 percent tax-free allowance available to people moving to work in the Netherlands , makes for an attractive work destination. It is a common knowledge that in living and working in The Netherlands life is good, you study and live with peace of mind, everything is done according to the lay down rules. It is full of useful information and step-by-step guides on how things work and how to survive in Holland. 1. This could be the employer where you actually work. Our support. Visas & Permits Living and working in the Netherlands and COVID-19. sWorking for a Dutch employer You are employed by a Dutch employer, with whom you have signed a (temporary) employment contract. However, it will also broaden your experience and provide the perfect opportunity to take your career forwards. 2. Getting used to living in a new country is always a challenge.

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