jupiter red spot disappearing
One way to form such a large storm was seen by astronomers in 2000 as they noticed the formation of a new storm on Jupiter… It rotates counterclockwise, the opposite direction of hurricanes on Earth. Jupiter's Disappearing Cloud Stripe Mystifies Scientists. Contrary to recent reports, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is not in danger of disappearing November 25, 2019 4.49pm EST Philip Marcus , University of California, Berkeley Jupiter’s Shrinking Great Red Spot. It's been seen through earthly telescopes for more than 300 years. Lately, it's …

NASA scientists have said that something is happening to Jupiters giant red spot. By Space.com Staff 21 May 2010. The Great Red Spot has been a fixture of Jupiter’s cloudy visage for centuries and is among the most recognizable features in the solar system. Jupiter's Great Red Spot is a giant storm, the largest known in our solar system. The iconic Great Red Spot of Jupiter may disappear in the next 20 years, according to a researcher at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California. But it won’t always be there. We take a look at what's happening to Jupiters giant red spot. Jupiter's Great Red Spot may not be disappearing Little bits of Jupiter's Great Red Spot seem to be flaking off. Jupiter's Great Red Spot is an anticyclone that swirls around a center of high atmospheric pressure.

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