jack mooney death in paradise
Death In Paradise Season 9: Cast Additions The upcoming season is welcoming new members to the cast. After the death of his wife, Jack found it hard to adjust, but - despite this - he was determined to put on a brave face for the sake of his daughter Siobhan. Award-winning crime drama Death in Paradise returns for a seventh series. ―Jack Mooney Detective Inspector Jack Mooney appears in Death in Paradise since the fifth episode of Series 6 . Death in Paradise Season 9 Episodes 9×2 | Episode 2 DI Jack Mooney and the team are put to the test when a celebrated artist is poisoned in her studio in confounding circumstances. Jack originally worked for the Metropolitan Police in London until he worked on a case with the team of Honoré Police Station (6:5 Man Overboard - Part One ). Join the gang on the beautiful island of Saint Marie as new DI Jack Mooney investigates a range of complex and puzzling murders under a glorious Caribb… ‎ Hinweis: Sie sehen die englischsprachige Version dieser TV Sendung.

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