is html case sensitive

The shut association of hypertext markup language and JavaScript will cause confusion, therefore case sensitivity is additional vital in JavaScript. This means that the language keywords, variables, function names, and any other identifiers must always be typed with a consistent capitalization of letters. JavaScript is a case-sensitive language. In HTML, the attribute and tag names are case-insensitive.

HTML is not a case sensitive language but it is a recommended that you use the lower case for HTML as it is also recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
An Overview; Style sheets being used in CSS2 are not case sensitive, those parts which are not under the control of CSS are case insensitive, like the value of HTML attributes like id, class, font names, URIs etc. In the authoring of both CSS and JavaScript/DOM (otherwise known as DHTML) routines, it is a near-certainty that class and id names will be used to identify elements. First, "case" refers to whether a letter or letters of the alphabet are in CAPS or are in lowercase. CSS is case insensitive in all matters under its control; however, some things, such as the document markup language, are beyond its control.HTML is case insensitive in most respects, except when it comes to certain attribute values, like the id and class attributes.XHTML, being XML, is always case sensitive.

Find out how this wrinkle can affect your site design and best practices to avoid any problems.

Summary: Although CSS is itself case-insensitive, class and ID names are defined to be case-sensitive in HTML 4.01.

Some tags and attributes in hypertext markup language have an equivalent name as JavaScript objects and properties. (Or, caps and small letters.) are outside the scope of the specification being defined for CSS styling.

So the identifiers Time and TIME will convey different meanings in JavaScript.

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