how to unlink nether portals

The portal is over 1024 blocks away from the nearest other nether portal on the x In the over world and the portal is at 204 on the y, yet when I go through it links me to the existing nether portal. You don’t unlink them, you link them to something better by creating a matched portal in the nether. Also, when talking about portals 'connecting', there is no such thing. The Y value, however should stay the same. As for lighting a portal within another when they cross, nothing happens when you try … So after successfully doing it for yours, you need to go through the portal it was linking you to, and then back into the nether. I’ve seen people build portals that takes them to the top of the nether but I can’t get my portal to do that.

When connecting two portals, as you are aware, the X and Z values should be divided by 8 on the Nether side. Go to nether and destroy all portals. I built a portal from my home at X,Y,Z and stepped through only to land in a portal room built by someone else in the nether. 7 comments. The calculation is done EVERY time you step through a portal. Occasionally this will cause the other portal to link to your new portal. If o1(x,z) = (645, -662) then nn1(x,z) sould be (82,-83) (devide by 8) If there is lava, set stone block. In nether, create another portal (nn1) on precisely correct coordinates. I'm wondering what happens if your portal links to someone's nether portal that is inside a nether base with protected doors or otherwise no way out to the Nether in order to build your own nether portal that links to your overworld portal. I really prefer being able to teleport from multiple locations far away from each in the overworld to one nether portal which is linked to home. I understand how to "unlink" your portal. You have portal linkage o1 (overworld 1) to n1 (nether 1). Create all portals you need on overworld. share.

However, this comes with the cost of having to walk on the … How to unlink a nether portal in nether while in the overworld? So to unlink the 2 portals topside within 1024 blocks from each other, they need to each have a corresponding nether portal as close as possible in their "expected coordinate position" in the nether. I have one portal for Blaze farming and one for my Nether highway, but I can’t get the Nether Highway portal to unlink from the other portal. I created a portal next to my house, travel thru, very bad spawn, broke that portal, I traveled hundreds (maybe thousands) of blocks to find a nether fortress, found one and created a portal inside the fortress, I then leave thru that portal and get put 6000 blocks away from home, how do I link the portal in the fortress to the one back home? Create portal. This probably makes little to no sense but how can I have two portals in the Overworld without having them both go to one in-Nether-Portal?

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