how is space food made

The large dining room and table actually allowed astronauts sit down and eat.

What started out as tasteless paste squeezed out of a toothpastelike tube has come a long way from space exploration's early days. The packaging system for the Daily Menu food is based on single service, disposable containers. Food in Space; Food in Space A Brief History of Food in Space. The Skylab mission, which launched in 1973, had even more of the comforts of home. NASA is offering packages of dehydrated astronaut space food to educational institutions and museums.
Skylab had the luxury of onboard refrigeration (which even the modern space shuttle doesn't have), so it could carry a wider variety of foods -- 72 different types of menu items in all. Explorers and travelers throughout history have had to develop methods for preserving food and carrying enough food for their journeys. Yet one deceptively simple aspect of space travel took several more years to perfect: the food.Today most space food looks a lot like food here on the ground. By the 1960s, NASA achieved an extraordinary technological feat by sending men into space. Additions, deletions, or substitutions to a standard Space Station menu will be made using a Space Station foodlist.

This problem was especially difficult during the time when people made long sea voyages on … Food items will be packaged as individual servings to facilitate inflight changes and substitutions to preselected menus.

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