history of dunedin florida

The earliest inhabitants, like the surrounding territory, were native Americans. Although it was George L. Jones who put up a sign over his General Store in 1870 that read "Jonesboro," a petition in 1882 by two Scottish merchants, J.0.

This is a big difference from our neighbors to the south (Clearwater). Dunedin is one of the only cities in the State of Florida where buildings to not block the view of the water. This charming city has the distinction of being the oldest town south of Cedar Key. This is a big difference from our neighbors to the south (Clearwater). Our History. Dunedin reflects the rich American and Scottish heritage of its founding fathers. Dunedin, Florida, like it’s neighboring towns and cities, has an interesting and ethnic history. Historic Dunedin House The first land deed was recorded in 1852 by Richard L. Garrison, only seven years after Florida became a state.

It was the later settlers that set the tone for today.

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