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Why are certain numbers in the Bible so specific? Cardinal numbers are used for counting (one, two, three, etc.).

Interlinear Text Sources: Hebrew Text: Westminster Leningrad Codex text courtesy of www.tanach.us. Writing conventions. In the west, only 10 digits are used, and the position of the digit indicates its value in powers of 10 beginning at 1, so the digit value is multiplied by 1, 10, 100, 1000, etc. The current numeral system is also known as the Hebrew alphabetic numerals to contrast with earlier systems of writing numerals used in classical antiquity. The next nine letters to the tens units (10-90), and the last 4 letters of the Hebrew alphabet to the first four hundreds (100-400). Hebrew Numbers 11-30 Posted on September 27, 2015 by K. Gallagher This is another reference post to help with Bible study, symbolism, dream interpretation, etc. When counting masculine objects, you use different form of numbers than the ones you would use when counting feminine objects. as … -Number 1 through 10 have masculine and feminine forms. Hebrew numbers are formed differently from Western or European numbers. Hebrew numbers are kind of tricky. Almost every other number can be made masculine or feminine based on these numbers.-The feminine numbers are used for basic counting, so these are more important overall.-The masculine are used for counting money (shekels are masculine) and other masculine objects. Hebrew Numbers. as page numbers or as list indexes, they should be written with the letters alone. Ordinal numbers are used to indicate position in a series (first, second, third, etc.). One has dealt with some particular number, such as "seven"; another has been content with a view of the primary numbers, and even when defining their significance, has given only one or two examples by way of illustration; another has confined himself to "symbolical numbers," such as 10, 40, 666, etc. Go to Behrman House Store Because of this, numbers can spell words, and words add up to numerical values. (pdf) Hebrew handwriting chart to help students form manuscript print and script letters accurately and easily. The first nine letters of the alphabet correspond to the Hebrew numbers 1-9. Hebrew Transliteration Via ALittleHebrew.com Strong's Tagging via Open Scriptures, David Troidl and Christopher Kimball Morphology in partnership with Helps Bible. In the Bible, there are no numerals, as we know them. Hebrew numbers 1-10 The numerals had been developed by mathematicians in India, about 400 years after Jesus. When numbers appear in isolation, e.g. Though they are easy to memorize, they vary in gender. Our numerals came to us via Arab traders. Greek Text: In addition to having masculine and feminine forms, cardinal numbers occur in both the absolute and construct states. This section applies to both systems, but I use the term “number” for the sake of simplicity. Here's how Hebrew numerology works. All numbers, small and large, are spelled out in the Hebrew of the OT and in the Greek of the NT. 1Angus Hebrew Learning-Hebrew Numbers (28 cards) 2017-04-20 4 Basic Roots (7 cards) 2018-08-10 4 Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary: Kelley - Chapters 9-13 (92 cards) 2018-04-26 4 . Hebrew numbers are kind of tricky. Though they are easy to memorize, they vary in gender. …

When counting masculine objects, you use different form of numbers than the ones you would use when counting feminine objects.

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