hard english words to pronounce for foreigners
The answer is: the combination of its vocabulary, orthography, and pronunciation. Overall, the whole word is mostly very vowel-sounding. A is always pronounced A, like in father. That's because English words often have several different meanings and can be difficult to pronounce. So what is it that makes English so hard for foreigners to learn? If you haven’t seen it yet, there is also a part 1 which can be found here, as well as parts 3 and 4. Portuguese. This … Actually, it's so simple to pronounce Indonesian words because it always sounds the same. My languange is Indonesian.

Here are a few words in French that are quite difficult to pronounce: * horreur - the 'h' is silent and there are three r's that are to be rolled. We asked the Talk in French community what are the French words that they are having a hard time saying… And here are the results. There are many simple words in the English language that are hard for foreign speakers to master. As a non-native English speaker I have been struggling with studying your language for 10 years..The following poem (which my phonetics professor made me learn by heart) is a great tool for studying pronuncition of most difficult English words to foreigners. default, The 9 Most Unpronounceable Words in Polish, In this scene from the 1969 Polish cult movie 'How I Unleashed World War II', a Polish prisoner outsmarts a German Nazi officer by giving the most dif, brzeczy_kolaz.jpg Welcome to the second part of this series of articles about the most difficult French words to pronounce. This is often the sound that English speakers find hard to pronounce. The 31 Most Hard-to-Pronounce Words in the English Language. ... A viral Reddit thread in 2015 commiserated about the most difficult words pronounce. If you are an English speaker using the word for a cultural institution in Porto, Serralves, stress the ‘r’ as much as you can. As an English speaker, you have to be brave to ask for Kürbiskernbrötchen at the bakery, but it is worth the effort.

Most languages have a regulatory body which issues spelling reforms as the pronunciation of the language develops (which happens much faster than one might have expected).

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