gumi vocaloid age

Megpoid (メグッポイド, Meguppoido) is a Vocaloid by Internet Co., Ltd..Her voice is sampled by Megumi Nakajima.The mascot of the software is called Gumi (Japanese: グミ) (stylized as GUMI).. The software name, "Megpoid", was taken from the provider's name, "Megumi."

Vocaloid's don't canonically age, but you are free to headcanon their ages if you're not satisfied with their official age.

When writing about the Extend, it was noted the voice could be considered 'extensions' of the age conceptualized for GUMI. Concerning GUMI's age, during the Extend development, Noboru once tweeted that there was a rough age preferred for GUMI set around the teenage years.

The name "Gumi" is the voice provider Megumi Nakajima's nickname from her childhood. For example, Len is officially 14 years old, but my personal version of Len could be 17 years old.
However, no official age was ever given to GUMI in her various designs.

As for the Vocaloid softwares, yes, they age since they are products.

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