group buy keyboards

Shipping starts in Q3 of 2020. Manufacturing. E-mail: More than 400 orders waiting for assembly, we need 7-10 days to process, all the assembled products will be sold again after 2 weeks

A Group Buy (or GB) is the Keyboard Community's term for crowd funding. GMK Apollo. It's basically a pre order. Just give us a shout and we will be right with you! [Group buy] KAM Little Pilot. Here is the Group Buy thread on Geekhack. A group buy is when a group of keyboard enthusiasts pool money to place a bulk … Completed. In-progress.

After the buy hits it's MOQ (minimum order quantity), and the group buy period ends, production will begin. The order phase is open until June 2nd. [Group buy] GMK Sparta.

Products in group buy must reach a certain amount of products sold before manufacturing can start. If you don't know what a Group Buy is, please read about it here. To the GB Submitting to GMK. Submitting to GMK. In-progress. If you want a Heavy Metal Keyboard case you should know what a Group Buy is. Build your own mechanical keyboard, starting here! By TheKey.Company. ... We can help you decide your perfect keyboard or pick the right components. GMK Bushido. Manufacturing. [Group buy] GMK Olivia++ [Group buy] GMK Ursa. Group-Buys Products featured in group-buys.

[Group buy] SP-111 Split Southpaw Custom Mechanical Keyboard.

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