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Great American Railroad Journeys Series 4 Episode 1: Ninilchik to Wasilla. Michael Portillo heads for the Last Frontier of the United States armed with his 1899 Appleton's Guide-Book to Alaska. A companion to the phenomenally successful Great British Railway Journeys, these series see Michael Portillo swap his treasured copy of Bradshaw's Handbook for its stateside counterpart an 1879 edition of Appleton's General Guide to the United States and Canada. Great American Railroad Journeys. Find out when Great American Railroad Journeys is on TV, including Series 4-Episode 1: Ninilchik to Wasilla. Ninilchik to Wasilla. Series 4: 1. Sender: BBC Two; Länge: 60 Min; Michael Portillo heads for the last frontier of the United States, armed with his 1899 Appleton's Guidebook to Alaska.

These short expeditions range from journeys on heritage railroads to steamboat cruises along the mighty Mississippi. America's Scenic Rail Journeys - The Alaska Railroad: Anchorage to Seward (1996) Part 2 ... Great Train Journeys Recommended for you. Michael Portillo heads for the Last Frontier of the United States armed with his 1899 Appleton's Guide-Book to Alaska. Portillo travels across the Alaska primarily by train, though at times using other forms of transportation where necessary. This eleven-DVD set features 55 episodes covering six different journeys: New York City to Niagara Falls

Traveling to the USA with Great Rail Journeys At the heart of each of our escorted USA tours is a program of excursions chosen for their particular social, historical, or cultural interest. Portillo (Great Continental Railway Journeys) explores the northernmost areas of North America, armed with Appleton's General Guide to the United States, published in 1879, exploring Alaska and Canada. Reisen, GBR 23.5.2020, 02:50 - 03:50 Uhr. Great Scenic Railway Journeys is an Emmy Award-winning series on KPBS.

Sign Zone: Great American Railroad Journeys. Great Alaskan Railroad Journeys is a BBC travel documentary series presented by Michael Portillo and aired on BBC Two.

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