google answers box

The answer box fits perfectly into Hummingbird’s algorithm as a lot of the searches that would return in this format. Search or browse the existing Google Answers index by using the search box above or the category links below. A Google answer box (or featured snippet) is a highlighted search box that answers the question you type in the Google search bar. Hummingbird is Google’s attempt at providing better search results for conversational and semantic search phrases by using user experience/engagement metrics as a quality signal. Google Answer Box: How Your Enviable Content Can Appear Inside The keyboard and mouse may soon become relics. In this post, we'll dissect some popular Google Answer Box search results to help you learn how to optimize your site for different types of Answer Box. By 2020, 30% of web-browsing sessions will be done without a screen as voice-first interactions rise, according to Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Predictions for 2017 and Beyond . So, you can imagine the effect that might have. Since this answer box is situated above the regular organic search results, everybody is bound to notice this. Optimize Your Site for Google Answer Box. Arts and Entertainment Reference, Education and News

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