google' strategy passport

I’m using Express and Passport OpenID Google strategy and I would like to set returnURL on each auth request to be able to return to the page that initiated that auth. #opensource Hi all been using passport for a while - is there a way to implement JWT token authentication while connecting with all these providers - ie sending ONE master token to the client that protects the API routes, and grants further access to the google, facebook, etc... tokens in the DB which can be queries and used to make further downstream requests to API data. passport-google - Google (OpenID) authentication strategy for Passport and Node.js.
Let's start with the installation of this strategy. Feel free to use any other strategy you prefer, but make sure to check the docs to see how it is configured. Before continuing, we need a clientID and clientSecret. The configuration for all the strategies is somewhat similar. I’m going to be using the passport-google-oauth20 strategy in this tutorial. The situation is that I have HTML5 slides application with Node.js backend (and with social stuff and editor and Portal and extensions…
To get one, head over to and create a new project. The next strategy is the Passport's Google Strategy.

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