galex pixel scale

galex_glx2015-02f_img01 September 16th, 2015 Credit: Columbia University This simulation helps explain an odd light signal thought to be coming from a close-knit pair of merging black holes, PG 1302-102, located 3.5 billion light-years away. The 1σ noise is about 61 and 14 in and , respectively.

Community products. Finally, HST images convolved with a 5″ point spread function and rebinned to the larger pixel scale of the GALEX and Spitzer 24 μm images are provided.

I was not able to identify anything in Galex site describing the imaging characteristics in terms of arcsec/pixel (the about Galex is down) In answer to your first question, the GALEX image scale is 1.5 arcseconds/pixel for both the FUV and NUV images. Observations from NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) picked out 30 elliptical and lens-shaped "early-type" galaxies with puzzlingly strong ultraviolet emissions but no signs of visible star formation. Then, a frame is added to the canv as. For completeness, we also compare our results with the MS relations of Abdurro’uf , who performs pixel-by-pixel SED fitting to GALEX and SDSS photometry of local (0.01 < z < 0.02) massive spiral galaxies selected in the MPI-JHU (Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics-Johns Hopkins University), and of Hall et al. OH 3080 A and CS 2576 A for the GALEX NUV passband and C I 1657 A and C I 1561 A in the FUV; Festou & Feldman 1987). into pixels. The claimed detection of a di use galaxy lacking dark matter represents a possible ... (GALEX)1) is also used as another argument to favor a large distance for this object.

MOSAIX: a tool to built large mosaics from GALEX images. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. The GALEX and Spitzer images are available with foreground and background contamination masked. The pixel scale (s) is applied to con vert angular distances.

If each single image. The smoothed map was regridded to the pixel scale of the CO(1–0) map. The lowest CO(1–0) contour in Figure 1 is at about 25σ significance, and the same locations are at about 70σ significance in CO(2–1). The models are generated with point spacing that matches the GALEX pixel size (1.005). Larger GALEX images extending to 4 times the optical extent of the galaxies are also available. Planet Hunters. In 2013 MAST staff produced a Kepler/GALEX cross match catalog and search interface. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics.

@article{osti_22661450, title = {gPhoton: THE GALEX PHOTON DATA ARCHIVE}, author = {Million, Chase and Fleming, Scott W. and Shiao, Bernie and Smith, Myron and Thompson, Randy and White, Richard L. and Seibert, Mark and Loyd, Parke and Tucker, Michael}, abstractNote = {gPhoton is a new database product and software package that enables analysis of GALEX ultraviolet data at the photon …

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