fantasy magazine art submissions

Wizards of the Coast makes games that plunge deep into the limitless realms of fantasy, adventure, and science fiction. (Scroll down for info on art submissions.) We purchase first world English language electronic rights, electronic rights for 90 days, archival rights for twelve months, and excerpt rights. Fiction Guidelines Technical details These sites are art blogs, art magazines and art related sites that are looking for art to feature on their websites. Format: We accept submissions in standard manuscript format, saved as .docx, .doc, or .rtf files. For information about submitting work to a particular department, follow the appropriate link: Reviews: how to submit or request reviews of works of speculative and SF/F art and entertainment—especially books, films, games, and other similar media. Do not query for fiction; submit the entire manuscript…

We prefer character-oriented stories, whether it's fantasy, science fiction, horror, humor, or another genre. Word Count Limits: 1,000 to 40,000; but note that we cap payment at 7,499 for new fiction and at 10,000 words for reprints. Our fiction word limit is a soft 10,000 words, although we are willing to serialize at a maximum of 50,000 words over four issues. Open to fiction submissions each year during the months of January and July. Original Fiction by Thoraiya Dyer ("The Rock in the Water") and N.K. The following content is exclusive to the paid edition of People of Colo(u)r Destroy Fantasy!, which is available for just $2.99 (ebook) or $12.99 (trade paperback). We use art on cards, book covers, packaging, and advertising for print and on the web. Most new and emerging artists are always looking for ways in which to get their art out there and for simple ways in which to promote their art. We have an ongoing demand for talented artists like you. Fiction submissions are closed until July 1, 2020. Jemisin ("Red Dirt Witch"), plus reprints by Sofia Samatar ("Walkdog") and Celeste Rita Baker ("Name Calling").

Each of our brands has a unique take on imaginative fantasy. F&SF encourages submissions from diverse voices and perspectives, and has published writers from all over the world. Each department of Strange Horizons has separate submission guidelines. Art Guidelines. We are looking for speculative stories--science fiction, fantasy, horror--with Christian themes, characters, or cosmology, and for artwork for this site. We have identified 30 websites which accept free art submissions from artists. Open to art submissions year-round.

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