explain how the effects of flooding can be reduced through planning and education
On the other hand, flood events can result in long-term benefits to agricultural production by recharging water resource storages, especially in drier, inland areas, and by rejuvenating soil fertility by silt deposition. Can the risks of volcanic eruptions be reduced? Specific means something like the name of a scheme, a date or a number. The consequences of flooding can be reduced with education. Coastal Flooding: Prediction and prevention of the effects of the coastal flooding by forecasting, building design, planning and education Last modified by lkw In some areas, waterways are clogged with litter resulting in floods during rainfall. Environment Agency Protecting York from flooding 1 x73694_EA_p9_sb.indd 1 5/3/09 18:11:21. When and where it is likely to flood. we can’t always stop flooding but we can help to prevent it. While we do everything we can to reduce the chance of flooding, it is a natural process and can never be completely eliminated. How does flooding affect humans and the environment? January 2012. Impact of flooding on humans. Means of achieving the first goal is the focus of this chapter. (6) Methods to reduce the effects of coastal flooding, e.g. With the correct understanding, and appropriate planning the adverse effects of flooding of the built environment can be reduced. Examine hydrographs and case studies of recent world flooding disasters with BBC Bitesize KS3 Geography. Flooding causes changes to the shape of rivers by eroding the river's channels. Prediction, protection, planning and monitoring all attempt to reduce the impact of volcanic hazards. The building of levees and dams can cause flooding to be more damaging to floodplains and river courses, as they change the course and outlets of the river. The flow-on effects of reduced agricultural production can often impact well outside the production area as food prices increase due to shortages in supply. Flooding can damage properties, destroy homes, create financial burden and cause emotional hardship. The impact of climate change. Environmental Impacts of Flooding. The 1927 Mississippi River flood was the most destructive in U.S. history. Instructing people about proper waste disposal and putting the proper containers for a litter can help for a cleaner environment and drainage system. Aside from the obvious immediate danger that natural disasters present, the secondary effects can be just as damaging. Flooding can have a variety of direct impacts on the environment and ecosystems contained within a flooded region. The characteristics of flooding that need to be understood include: The cause of floods. The consequences of flooding can be reduced with education. The flow-on effects of reduced agricultural production can often impact well outside the production area as food prices increase due to shortages in supply. In some areas, waterways are clogged with litter resulting in floods during rainfall. Flooding also causes changes to floodplains, as sediments are deposited in floodplains during flooding. Unplanned urbanization and unplanned industrialization should be controlled especially in the developing nations. Flooding affects people in a multitude of ways. Severe flooding can result in stagnant water that allows breeding of waterborne bacteria and malaria-carrying mosquitos.

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