effects of the joplin tornado
At 5:41 p.m., death descended on Joplin, Missouri, as a swirling EF-5 tornado. For Joplin's Children, Tornado's Effects Persist September 15, 2011 • The deadly tornado that hit in May quickly destroyed a third of the Missouri city. The effects a tornado has on human life depends on its strength, but also on where it touches down. Monday, May 30, 2011. Joplin Missouri Tornado - May 22, 2011. When you hear of a tornado warning, sometimes they mean this, blocks wide of total destruction, crossing an entire city. There is a debate if this tornado reached EF5 status on the Enhanced Fujita scale. The Missouri city of Joplin marks the fifth anniversary of a tornado that killed about 160 people with four days of events. However, Joplin was devastated by an EF5 tornado on May 22, 2011. Environmental hazards remain after Joplin tornado Laura Cobb, 11, cleans debris from a bathtub while helping with clean-up at her destroyed home in Joplin, Mo. No tornado hit Joplin, Missouri in 2012. The ferocious tornado that tore the city of Joplin, Mo., apart exactly one year ago today stunned the nation with its tragic death toll and staggering damage. The Joplin tornado took the lives of 158 people, the most from a single tornado since the 1940s. Three-quarters of tornadoes around the world occur in the United States in a location dubbed Tornado Alley since the 1950s. But the psychological damage has continued. There were 158 deaths with over a thousand injured as a result of the tornado. However, the National Weather Service stands by its EF5 rating based on their assessment of the damage. The May 22, 2011 Joplin, Missouri EF5 tornado May 22, 2013 by Katie Wheatley in Tornado History.

Devastated the southern side of Joplin, becoming the costliest tornado in US history($2.95 Billion). A report claimed that much of the damage was done by EF2 and EF3 strength winds. The town has healed, but memories linger.

Satellite image from May 22nd at 6:15 ET showing the supercell thunderstorm that the Joplin tornado formed from. That tornado directly killed 158 people, the deadliest to hit the U.S. since 1947.
The 2011 Joplin tornado killed 161 people and injured thousands of others. (NASA) On May 22, 2011 the city of Joplin, Missouri was impacted by an EF-5 tornado.

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