detention center meaning

Meaning of detention centre in English: detention centre. The act of detaining. 2. noun. an hour's detention jdm. "Bombing of the captives' detention center is the latest war crime by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen and adds a new page to the crimes of the aggressors," Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi said on Sunday. easing of detention conditions {sg} Hafterleichterungen {pl} pre-charge detention centre [Br.] The first detention centre in the state had come up in 2008 under orders of the Gauhati High Court. eine Stunde Nachsitzen aufbrummen [ugs.]educ. The state or a period of being detained, especially: a.

Untersuchungsgefängnis {n}law right of detention Zurückhaltungsrecht {n} sentence of detention Haftstrafe {f}law term of detention Dauer {f} der Haft to give sb. A juvenile detention center is generally considered more appropriate than an adult correctional facility, especially for minor offenses. A period of temporary custody while awaiting trial.

A detention center is a sort of prison, for example, a place where people who have entered a country illegally are kept while a decision is made about what to do … A holding of a person in custody or confinement by authorities for political or military reasons. Currently six immigration detention centres have been set … An institution for the short-term detention of illegal immigrants, refugees, people awaiting trial or sentence, or (formerly in the UK) young offenders.

b. Detention Ist ein Container von Bord eines Schiffes gelöscht, fängt auch die detentionfreie Zeit an zu Laufen. pretrial detention center [Am.]

In the U.S., a … „Das ist die Zeit, die bleibt, um einen Container wieder in … tion (dĭ-tĕn′shən) n. 1.

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